Enhance Your Install

Wire Concealment

As an additional service, we can hide unsightly wires surrounding your television. For example, our team can help you hide speaker cables, power cables, video cables from all of your devices, and integrate Blu-ray players, audio components, and game consoles into a single home video system.

Commercial Grade Brackets

Beyond our residential grade brackets, we also offer commercial grade brackets. These brackets have a higher weight grade and allow for more angles of motion for your television. Some options are fixed mounts, cantilever mounts, tilting mounts, and Sanus and OmniMount brands.

Protect Your Electronics

While you’re mounting your television, protect all of your expensive electronics. We provide extended warranties for products you already own and products purchased from us. We also offer protective equipment, such as power filtering surge protectors, and quality HDMI, fiber optic and coaxial cables from AudioQuest.

We’ll hang your television, and we offer other services

As a part of our additional installation services, we can also mount your sound bar or any speakers and audio equipment that need mounting. We provide Universal Remote Control installation and configuration services, which allow you to control your home from a single device. Finally, we also sell high-quality audio-visual supplies. Ask us about any of our services when you call us.

Sound Bar Mounting
Need a sound bar mounted? While we're mounting your television, let us also mount your sound bar. A sound bar is a sleek addition to your mounted flat-screen television.
Universal Remote Control
Would you like to control your entire home and home theater system from a single device? We can help you configure a ProControl, URC, or Control4 universal system.
Purchase A/V Supplies
Looking to improve the quality and extend the life of your system? We sell high quality HDMI, fiber, ethernet cables, and power filtering surge protectors to protect your electronics.

Generally Complete Within 24 hours

Call us today, and, generally, we will be able to schedule your appointment, arrive, and complete the work all within 24 hours of your phone call.